Barry Gibson will be the new GVC boss. Read below our casino online reviews and news today.

Former Playtech and William Hill CEO Barry Gibson will succeed Lee Feldman as chairman of the GVC Holdings-based Gambling Group, one of the world’s leading Sky News reports. The appointment of Barry Gibson will end the search for a new GVC chairman after the company announces the departure of Mr. Feldman earlier this year. For nearly seven months, the company sought his replacement and finally made his choice, with high expectations from Barry Gibson.

GVC hopes the appointment of Mr. Gibson, who can be said to be a veteran of the gambling industry, will return the confidence of investors who are furious with the company’s management because of numerous scandals throughout the year that have affected the company’s price. The departure of the current director was announced shortly after he and GVC CEO Kenny Alexander sold the company in March worth £ 20m, reducing their holdings by 50%. Many interpreted the sale as a loss of confidence in the future of GVC, which lowered the operator’s price by 20% in just one day.

Analysts say that even though it has decided to part with its chairman, the company is unlikely to replace its CEO anytime soon. Mr. Alexander said after the move in March that he was confident of GVC’s future as a leading gambling operator. In August, he bought back shares of the company worth £ 5 million, thus aiming to reassure investors.

Mr. Gibson is expected to be officially announced as the company’s new chairman in the second week of November. With this move, the company hopes investors will be reassured by his experience in the industry. Previously, Mr. Gibson was part of the board of directors of the gaming technology giant Playtech and the British bookmaker William Hill, a leading market name.
. He also was CEO of Digital Entertainment just before the company was acquired by GVC in 2015. Thats our casino online reviews and news for today.