The owner of the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino has confirmed the demolition of the iconic building. Follow us to get your online casino USA no deposit bonus 2020.

The owner of the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City said plans to demolish the nearly 40-year-old building are already underway and that the city’s legal action for immediate demolition is unnecessary.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small’s administration filed a civil lawsuit last month in Superior Court asking a judge to order the Trump Plaza owner to demolish the building immediately. City officials began the lawsuit after pieces of the Trump Plaza facade were torn apart by high winds and crashed on the sidewalk, with no luck.

Atlantic City building staff and firefighters inspected the property after the incident and classified it as an immediate public safety risk. The building was identified as a “threat to the surrounding area” and its demolition is imperative.

Trump Plaza is owned by a subsidiary of Icahn Enterprises LP – a company run by New York investor Carl Icahn. The property, formerly owned by US President Donald Trump, was one of four resorts and hotels that closed in Atlantic City in 2014 as a result of intense regional competition and oversupply in the local market. There were plans to demolish Trump Plaza in the fall of 2018, but no action has been taken since the owner of the building.

Court documents filed this week by attorneys representing the Trump Plaza owner have already hired a demolition project and the entire building and will be removed within the next two years.

Attorney Michael Sklar said the civil suit filed by Atlantic City seeking immediate demolition of the former casino resort should be dismissed. In a recent civil lawsuit, Michael Sklar wrote that the property did not pose an “imminent security threat” and that Icahn Enterprises “has taken and continues to take substantial measures to protect the public. “

The demolition of the building will take between 12 and 15 months

Icahn Enterprises’ lawyer also says that the Trump Plaza owner has already decided to demolish the building and that New York-based Gardiner & Theobald will lead the demolition project.

According to court documents, the property owner has informed the mayor of Atlantic City that the demolition of the former casino resort can take between 12 and 15 months. The Trump Plaza area is enclosed in an attempt to prevent pedestrians from accessing the building.

However, Atlantic City officials say the measures taken are not sufficient to protect the public and to ensure that the property does not pose a major threat.

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